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Buying a New Guitar  

  If you are thinking about buying a guitar it would be a good thing to do a lot of research not just online but in real life. Get your hands on reviews of equipment and take your time reading up on things. This is a big purchase not just in regards to the price, but it is something you will be spending a lot of time with. The quality of the instrument is directly intertwined with the quality of the player. It is not just the case that a nice guitar will sound good, but it will make you a better player too. If you can play some already, great, get your hands on as many guitars as possible and don't lock yourself into something for sentimental reasons.  A second opinion is very helpful. Test drive these guitars in as many ways as possible and if you do not play real well yet bring someone with you who can. Try to plug into an amp that has a similiar setup as you will have at home. Do not forget pen and paper to make notes on what you liked about each guitar and do not let yourself be intimitated by the employees. Much like buying a car you do want an expert to look it over - and not the guy trying to sell it to you.   Keep in mind the kind of music you like to play and match that to the type of guitar. You may or may not continue to play for the rest of your life but this is an investment that will be around for a long time and you should look at it as an investment, it will hopefully be worth more money a long time down the road, as long as it is a quality instrument. But don't let that be your only gauge, make sure you really love it.
  After you have picked out some guitars that you really like walk out of the store and go home to yet again do more research. Look up the guiitars that you have considered at the store and check out features that may not have been apparent in the store. Now go to other stores and do the same things. Then sleep on it.
 When you consider the purchase of a guitar you need to know that there will be other equipment needs such as a good hardshell case - do not skimp out on this, remember it is an investment.  Locking straps are a must especially if you are new to this.  Take your time, this should not be a rushed decision.

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